PILS - Various Case on the File of Supreme Court of India, High Court of Madras, Human Rights Commission and Other Cases, etc.

1 Kannagi Temple Writ Petition. (Rights of Tamil Nadu against Kerala State) WP. N.O 8758 / 1988 Dated 12-03-1997 Justice Y. Venkatachalam

2 Velupillai Prabhakaran, Pondy Bazaar, Shooting issue. SC.NO: 8/1983, 7th Additional Court, Chennai. Disposed on 22/23-11-2022.

3 Gurusamy Naicker death Sentence (Direct Descent of Veera Pandiya Kattabomman) WP NO: 6262/1984 Dated on 27-9-1984 Justice V Ramaswami and David Annusamy.

4 Questioning Preventive Arrest / Police Custody WP.NO: 2791/1988-G.K.Moopanar, P. Chidambaram and Congress leaders arrest by then, Madras City Police as Preventive arrest. Justice. Siva Subramanian. Order dated 21-03-1988.

5 Vaiko's Secret Visit to Sri Lanka-1989. WP.NO: 3269/1989. Justice P.S. Mishra 19-07-1990. D. Gopalan - Petitioner. Vaiko's Visit to Sri Lanka Without Visa.

6 Vilathikulam Bose, DMK Youth Wing Office Bearer. Custodial Death - 1991, During Rajiv Gandhi's assassination case, PIL filed by me, Madras High Court for compensation. WP NO:1612 of 1991

7 Tancem Alankulam, Near Rajapalayam, Cement Plant Environmental Issue and Affecting Agriculture. PIL filed Madras High Court and Subsequently, Second Writ Petition filed Madurai Bench. WP.NO: 10589/1986. Chief Justice K.A. Swami, Justice Kanagaraj ordered dated 18-03-1987. Madurai Bench WP.NO: 4696/2015, S. Nagamuthu & M.V. Murali Daran, JJ. Ordered Dated 22-11-2016.

8 River Network (Linking of National Rivers) Madras High Court W.P NO: 6207/1983. M. Srinivasan, A.R. Lakshmanan JJ Dated 14-07-1995. WP(C) NO 15/1999, Supreme Court of India 4th Bench, Sujatha Manohar & Lalit JJ WP(C) NO 668/2002 Dated on 27-02-2012, Supreme Court of India, CJ. S.H Kapadia, A.K Patnaik & Swatanter Kumar JJ, Supreme Court of India.

9 Prisoners Voting Rights, WP(C) NO: 1028/1990. SA. Rajendra Babu, R.C. Lahoit JJ on the file of Supreme court.

10 Panchayat Raj Issues, WP(C) NO: 34/2005, Ashok Ban, S.B Sinha JJ Supreme court.

11 Kudankulam WP/High Court Madras WP NO: 22771/2011 - 31/08/2012 Madras High court.

12 Tamil Nadu Water Storage Preservation, WP NO: 3039/2018 Madras High court.

13 Western & Eastern Ghat preservation issue/ High Court Madras, WP NO: 5995/2020 - 30/06/2021, Then, NGTC NO. 100/2021 (N.G.T) Principal Bench Admitted - 20/05/2021, CA NO 1926/2022 Admitted SC - 28-3-22. Abdul Nazeer & Vikaram Nath JJ Supreme court.

14 Electrol Reforms SC. WP(C) NO: 549/2020, 1st Bench 21-01-2021. WP NO: 27364/2021 | High Court Madras | admitted - 23/12/2021 - 1st Bench Supreme court and Madras High court.

15 H. Dewa Gowda P.M, Cauveri water issue. WP filed: 22-11-1996, Justice Kanagaraj filed on 28-11-1990 Madras High court. Order date 30-11-1996

16 Deportation Issue. Bala Singam, Chandrahasan, and Satyendra Sri Lankan Tamil leaders, On the file of Madras High court. Justice S Nainar Sundaram Dated on 05-09-1985

17 Nimira Vaikkum Nellai, Library order. WP NO: 23943/2007 Dated on 16-07-2007. P.K Mishra, R. Banumathi JJ Madras High court.

18 Khueshwant Singh's Book (Title: "The Company of Women") Ban, Madras High court, WP No: 16585/ 1999.

19 Tamil Nadu Legislative Council issue. WP. NO: 4339/2000. 14-03-2000. K.G. Balakrishnan CJ, K. Govindarajan J Madras High court.

20 T.N. Seshan Book-Andhra Pradesh - High Court. CS NO: 2/1995 - Anna as CIA Agent issue High court Hyderabad.

21 Kovilpatti Farmers Rally Shooting Case for Re-Post mortem of Joseph Hridhaya Reddiyar (Akilandapuram). K.S Bhaktvatsalan J Madras High court.

22 To declare Tirunelveli district as drought disctrict WP No: 459587.

23 Against Japthi incidence towards farmers and pray for debt relief act for agriculturist-1976.

24 Writ petition filed in Madras High Court Bench at Madurai for Kovilpatti additional new water pipeline.

25 Mullai periyar, Cauveri and other water issues, custodial deaths, etc.

26 Writ petitions for formation of seperate Taluks viz, Ettaiyapuram, Tuticorin district and Tiruvengadam, then Tirunelveli district during 1991 and 1992.

27 Vaiko's Raja Annamala Manram speech Sri lanka Tamils issue SC NO 1/ 2010 Third Additional court.

28 Kanimozhi issue OP NO: 604/1992 dated 28-12-1992 Judge Krishnasamy (PFC).

29 Petition filed during mid night arrest of Kalaignar and more than fifty thousand DMK members were taken into custody SHRC petition No: 3132/2001 dated 11-07-2001 and Case NO: 314/22/2001-2002 on the file of State human rights commission and also National Human rights Commission.

30 Mid night arrest of MK Stalin and Police search in Mid night 30-06-2001 on the file of State human rights commission SHRC Case No: 3132/2001 petition filed by his wife Durgawathi Stalin.

31 Anna nagar Ramesh Issue - State Human right commission, Chennai.

32 Veerappan issue Tamils from Dharmapuri district were arrested by Karnataka police without any proper trails in Mysore jail on the file of National Human right commission, New Delhi.

33 Preservation of Western ghat and Eastern ghat on the file of National green tribunal, New Delhi.